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strange what shapes our destiny.

after selling my stuff and packing up puppy and husband, i sailed from washington dc to a nearly-uninhabited island in the bahamas. enjoyed island life for more than three years then packed up the pup and hub again to set sail north, final destination: the nation's capital.

edgyart, born during a Ladies Who Launch intensive business incubator in dc, today lets me play with color and shape and allows me to express my curious, vibrant, dysfunctional way of looking at things. (visit for more info on the great national company.)

chock full of creativity, for three years I spent time treading the turquoise caribbean waters, creating art and trying to understand the beauty of life's synchronicities. and playing fetch the coconut with my chesapeake bay retriever.

i use a nikon d90 camera for all of my photography which includes such diverse shoots as northeastern washington, the caribbean, washington d.c. tennessee, florida and the bahamas. so to paris again is on the horizon. i use adobe acrobat CS4 programs for designing and experimenting with colors, shapes and textures, and acrylic paint on canvas for multi-media pieces.